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Why Us?

At Ghuge Legal Services, we are eager to serve both local and international clients. We cater to the communities of Peel, Halton, Toronto, Waterloo, and Kitchener area. With our profound knowledge and experience, we can achieve a high success rate in complex and difficult cases while ensuring client matters are handled with the utmost care, compassion, and integrity. We value our clients and strive to create a positive and efficient process that best suits our clients' needs.

We have profound experience in handling Canadian Immigration applications for Visitor Visa, Super Visa, Study Permit, Work Permit, Express Entry, Parents & Grand Parents Sponsorship, Spousal Sponsorship, LMIA applications, Refugee Claims, Refusal cases, Canadian Citizenship Application, Immigration Appeals, and Criminal Record Suspension.

In civil litigation, we have experience in filing and defending claims for Fraudulent Misrepresentation, Breach of Contract, Personal Injury, renovation disputes between Contractor & Building Owners, Wrongful Dismissals, Severance of Employment, and Professional Negligence.

At Ghuge Legal Services We Notarize documents in accordance with the guidelines of Law Society of Ontario. Our Notary Seal and Signatures are registered with the Global Affairs Canada’s. We Commission Affidavits, Statutory Declarations, Witness Power of Attorney, legalize documents, and assist clients in obtaining Status Certificates for Marriages Abroad.

Hello I'm

Mr.Sunil Ghuge

Licensed Paralegal, Notary Public and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

I am a Licensed Paralegal, Notary Public, and a Regulated Immigration Consultant with over 4 plus years of legal experience in Ontario, Canada, and a well-respected person in the community. I have completed my Engineering in India.

Through out my career, I have ascertained my effective decision-making capabilities by providing the right advice in acute, ambiguous, and complicated situations. My professional experience and association with senior counsels' have been instrumental in obtaining many favourable decisions for my clients in ambiguous and complex situations.

My Objective

To relentlessly fight for your constitutional rights with Empathy and Dexterity

My Educational Background

Diploma in Paralegal Studies-Ontario, Canada

Diploma in Immigration Law-Ontario, Canada

Professional Credentials

Licensed Paralegal - Law Society of Ontario - P16551

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant - R711511

Notary Public and Commissioner of Oath - Province of Ontario.

Membership and & Associatons

Member of Ontaio Paralegal Association

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant